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SKU: C1849934
UPC: 011509003928

Vagisil Deodorant Powder - 7.4 oz

Talc-Free Feminine Powder.
- With Baking Soda -- Absorbs Wetness.
- Double Odor Protection -- Neutralizes odor Plus, Helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

Vagisil Feminine Power

Exclusive Moisture Shield formula creates an invisible barrier to protect sensitive skin from chafing and irritation.

Developed with a leading gynecologist... so Vagisil Feminine Power is 100% talc free, as gynecologists recommend.

Absorbs 25 times more wetness from perspiration and discharge than pure talc...stops odor, too! You feel fresher, drier, odor-free.

For extra protection, sprinkle on panties, pads and panti-liners every day.

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