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SKU: CD4245445
UPC: 037646600004

Thera-Med Ice+Gel Cryo Cold Pack - Medium

- Long lasting - stays in therapeutic cold range for multiple applications
- Reusable and flexible - molds to body
- Dual sided sleeve technology for added comfort and "cold" control
- Ideal for elbows, joints, and limbs
- Medium size 10.75" x 6.5" 0.75" Latex free

Treat injuries and soothe pain with superior long lasting cold pack technology that stays soft while frozen and molds to the body for maximum benefits in cold therapy. Excellent for soothing pain and reducing swelling from sports or other injuries, carpal tunnel, or arthritis flare-ups. No need to refreeze for multiple applications due to innovative and reusable gel that freezes fast and lasts for hours outside the freezer. Its "ice cooling cells" keep it extra cold, while the surrounding gel makes it flexible, soft and super comfortable. The dual sided mesh/soft sleeve with hook and loop closures help keep pack in place to deliver optimal results.