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Wet-Stop3 Bedwetting Alarm - 1 ea

For frustrated families coping with endless wet nights the Wet-stop bed wetting alarm is the answer. Help your child recognise the early signs by training them to feel the first drops of wetness through a buzzer/alarm attached close to the ear. If you and your child want to stop bed wetting then this device is perfect.

How it Works:
- Helps your child regain self confidence and gets them ready for sleepovers
- Teaches night time dryness with an alarm attached on the pyjama's near your childs ear and a moisture monitor held onto their underwear
- The alarm reacts to the first drops of moisture teaching your child to stop their flow of urine before the bed gets wet. Teach your child to take themselves to the toilet when the alarm goes off.
- Eventually they will be able to react to the sensation themselves - stop their flow of urine and go to the toilet.

- Magnetic shirt fastener
- 5 variable volume and tone controls
- Flashing LED button
- Requires 3 x AAA Batteries
- Replaceable easy to dry, easy to attach sensor
- 2 step turn off process
- Calender and sticker reward system
- CD with "The complete bedwetting book"

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